We’ve been asked... “What exactly makes you different?”

Well quite a lot actually.

But in some important ways we are exactly the same as the big agencies.


We come from many years in the agency world. In many ways we were born and raised there. And just like the big guys, we understand what it takes to be noticed amongst all the media noise. We apply the same investigative, analytical and strategic thinking that the big agencies do. They do great work. Our former employers are some of the best out there. We admit it. And we have taken all the lessons learned and all of the years of working there into consideration when we work on your project.

The big downtown agency can provide you with amazing work, and so can FrestyCreative. How do we do that? Well we keep our actual staff very small but our network of resources large. Over the years we have built relationships with designers, developers, writers, database gurus, search engine optimization experts, flash developers and many others. These are the exact same people working at the big agency. In today's economy all of them do freelance or side work. For your project we build our team from these talented people. So you are getting the exact same product (with a big difference we will explain below). In short, our final product is the virtually the same as the big agency.



We aren't like our big competitors in several key ways. For one we don't carry a lot of staff overhead. So you aren't paying for multiple levels of account and project managers. We don't have big offices with giant electric bills and coffee pots that need feeding. YOU pay for all that stuff in the form of higher agency rates. They have to pay the bills to keep the machine going. You pay for the fuel.

At FrestyCreative you don't pay for that stuff. We stay small and lean. And because of that, we are quick and responsive. But again, with exactly the same talent you are paying as much as DOUBLE for with the big agency. Yes that is right. And that is the biggest way we are different. Price. We don't cut corners on your project. We do it just the same way the big guys do (after all, we used to BE them). But since we aren't paying for all that overhead we can afford to charge you less. A lot less actually. Our rates tend to be about HALF what you would expect to pay at the places we used to work. Again, with the SAME people doing the work. That's the big difference there. (And the REAL secret is, we can actually afford to pay our talent about twice the hourly rate they make at their agency job... go figure)



It's a family business. FrestyCreative was founded in October of 2009 by husband and wife team Paul and Lia Fresty. Their combined 20+ years of web experience working with hundreds of small, medium and major corporate clients was key to launching a successful business. We have taken our years of experience in the corporate world and made it available at a much more competitive price. We are highly motivated to please our customers because our business is a direct reflection on us.

Paul A. Fresty is our Creative Director. He has over a dozen years of interactive marketing agency experience. As creative director for two of Northeast Ohio's top interactive firms, he has the experience, expertise and knowledge to guide your projects to success with innovative design and creative solutions. Paul is a graduate of Kent State University where he majored in Photojournalism. He worked as a photographer, graphics artist and later as a graphics editor for several newspapers across the country. While graphics editor at the Times-Picayune in New Orleans, Paul was a member of a small team that won the Pulitzer Prize for Public Service. He is an expert in web and print design as well as brand/logo development.

Evangelia (Lia) Spithas Fresty is our President and Account Manager. Lia's years of experience as a top project manager at an interactive agency gave her the ability to handle multiple projects successfully. Her organizational skills, client-focused manner, and attention to detail have been a strong element in the success of FrestyCreative. Lia also graduated from Kent State University where she majored in Interpersonal Communications... a perfect area of study to build the skillsets needed for her career. Clients love working with Lia on their projects because they know that Lia always has their best interests in mind and is fair, honest and open. It's this kind of service that makes FrestyCreative your easy choice.